Industrial Hose Specialists

Shakespeare Engineering Supplies can supply a large array of ready made hoses for various applications

Hydraulic Hose Specialist

Hydraulic applications demand numerous sizes and constructions of hose to satisfy individual working requirements and conditions. Here at Shakespeare Engineering Supplies we can supply a large array of ready-made hoses for various applications.

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We supply a large range of hoses which cover all areas of industry from engineering, horticultural, agricultural, vehicles, builders, offshore, power industry….. virtually any sector where a hose is required. We trust that our extensive range of products on our website matches our customers’ needs, however if there is a specific requirement not listed please just ask, and using our expertise we will be able to quote you. Some of the industrial hoses that we supply, include Hydraulic Hoses, Chemical Delivery Hoses, PVC Layflat Hoses, and PVC Reinforced Hose - these are useful for a whole host of purposes.

Hose Components

We welcome you to browse through our site and we trust that you will find what you are looking for. Our team of Industrial Hose specialists have extensive knowledge of the hose industry and products, and are available to answer any questions you might have, just call us on 01423 815 143.

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